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Dig Up The Best Local Businesses in the World, right in YOUR neighborhood, right at your fingertips. Check out what we have around your workplace too. Locally owned businesses make for a stronger community. Locally owned businesses are the life blood of America. We're trying to change the way America thinks about where they spend their money. Keeping your money in your neighborhood strengthens our country, starting at the down to earth grass roots level. Make a difference in your neighborhood - Shop Local businesses with - BuyLocalOnly Magazine Home of:

We offer you:
Business services and repair as well. When that commercial roof starts to leak or that air conditioning unit goes belly up on the hottest day of the year, we're going to have a local company listed who will be ready to keep other local businesses up and running. Look up your BuyLocalOnly Magazine published in your area if you'd like to advertise on this site or Call Toll Free: 1-800-769-9152 to find out more info about your area.

Pets & Livestock, Pet Supplies and care as well as farm stores for livestock too. We'll have someone local for your animals or for all you animal lovers. Aquariums, fish, pets, pet food, grooming supplies and groomers, puppies, kittens, rodents, birds and even reptiles. Pet & Veterinary care professionals too!

Automotive, Auto repairs and service from local companies you can trust in your own neighborhood. Tires, brakes, mufflers, tune-ups, transmission repair, auto accessories, auto body repair, car stereo, and even auto insurance agents. can help you dig up the best in your hometown area.

Professionals for your home, health and family.
Local Dentists, orthodontists, Chiropractors, Medical Clinics, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists, optometrists, as well as pediatric specialists. Don't forget to look up our locally owned hair salons and tanning salons. Not to mention nail salons, skin laser centers, medi spas, day spas and so much more folks dedicated to helping you look your best. Local gyms and fitness centers are on here too so you can feel your best.

Home improvements as well as local retailers dedicated to saving you money or providing superior quality service. Gardening, garden centers, landscapers, landscape supplies, roofers, remodeling, painters as well as paint stores and hardware retailers. Find the local alternative to the big box store retailers and keep your money in the community you live in. Did you know that your locally owned flooring dealer can save you more than those big box stores? And with better service too!

Local Retail Shops
From great gifts for that someone special to the latest and greatest in wines, computer gear, video games, New & resale clothing, New & resale furniture, appliances, home decor, shoes and boots and slippers...oh my! We aren't just talking the big chain stores with sales help that offers almost no help. We are talking the hands on locally owned professionals in their profession. Keeping service and value going hand in hand. That's why it's so important to shop local, buy local and visit for the best local businesses near your home or work. Bookmark us on your computer for your next visit.

Local entertainment from Comedy Clubs to country music and rock and roll night clubs, concerts and community concerts as well. Looking for karaoke? We'll have it for you on

Restaurants - Food & More Food!
We have the best local restaurants and most have their complete
menu at your fingertips.. You can subscribe for their very latest
Specials and updates emailed to you directly.
That's right, Subscribe privately for updates of the best specials from
local restaurants near your home or work, you'll only get emails from
the places you decide to opt into without worry about spam email. We
have the best places for steaks and seafood, burger joints and sub
sandwiches on the menu. You can find Happy Hour Specials plus
catering menus as well for any size event. Pizza delivery, Chinese food, Japanese food, Mexican food, sushi or fresh fish markets, Wi-Fi hotspots, coffee and espresso bars, drive-thru and take out menus and all the best places in your neighborhood or near your work.

Sign up for updates on specials from any of your favorite places. Every time local businesses make any updates to their specials, menus, or website, you can be the first to know! An automatic email at your home or work computer or pda will alert you.. Opt in for additional specials from new businesses opening in your area. Look for the Grand Opening Specials many will offer exclusively on

The banner at the top of the local area page for the city or zip code you selected is for the BuyLocalOnly magazine office who loaded up the site in your area with the best local businesses in your local area. It's no doubt that the next time you visit, you will see many new locally owned businesses added as more and more find the interactive website resource is a great way to stay in touch with the local community. By clicking on the banner ad for the local publisher sponsoring your area you can find out more about how you can advertise your local business in your local area with

We're trying to Make A Difference in your neighborhood... you can too

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